Welcome to the Indigenous Climate Monitoring Toolkit

Guidance, good practices, and resources for Indigenous communities.

This Toolkit was developed to support Indigenous Peoples in Canada with planning, implementing, or expanding community-based climate monitoring projects. It provides convenient access to tools, good practices, and examples of projects from across the country as inspiration. The Toolkit supports a range of approaches to monitoring climate and climate impacts including Indigenous Knowledge Systems, science, and co-production of knowledge using many ways of knowing.

What is Indigenous Community-Based Monitoring of Climate Change?

Indigenous Peoples closely observed nature for millennia. Indigenous Knowledge provides place-based, integrated, and unique knowledge and insights into changing conditions and is a crucial part of Indigenous climate monitoring initiatives. Community-based monitoring involves watching, listening, recording, learning, and understanding changes in the environment and community1. Indigenous community-based monitoring is led by Indigenous Peoples for the benefit of their nation and communities. Learn more.

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